Welcome to MKID. We are a strategic industrial design studio. To us, design is a way to communicate, a sensitive point where function and economics meet aesthetics and emotions.

We work with both clients and on our own, self-initiated projects. We believe in a more personal development of the industry where people get an opportunity to again relate to our work.

Building relationships based on a particular nature, personality and value greater than only the economic one.  


Axkid Rear-facing car seats.

Ongoing project.

MKID is working on design direction, brand implementation and industrial design.

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Byggfabriken manufactures a large range of products for renovation, restoration and decoration for old and semi-modern buildings and interiors in a Scandinavian tradition.

MKID is engaged to design Byggfabrikens pilot products in old style, high quality materials that are suitable for both old and new constructions and meet modern required standards.

Ongoing project.




The Go platform has been developing since the launch in 2008 and is one of the best pram and stroller systems on the market. The 2015-17 collections are done by MKID together with the Britax in-house team. MKID was engaged through the whole process, from the assortment architecture ideas to the design of the final product details. 

Britax Go Big was awarded as "Best in test" by German Stiftung Warentest 2017,




Restaurant IKON in Stockholm

MKID is part of a creative team, SEKT, responsible for creating the whole concept, design, interior, branding and project management.
A unique lamp design "IKON" was made for this project and manufactured by Den Danske Keramikfabrik,





MKID and Thomas Alexanderson have through several collaborations been exploring the meeting between two different processes, one where control is necessary to obtain the final result and one where its partly conducted by choice of materials or firing techniques. A creative journey where both parts are forced to challenge and combine the different degrees of serendipity and control, both in the process and for the end result. For a glimpse behind the production click here.

Interpersonal was a part of the Swedish pavilion at the London Design Biennale 2016,
and a part of the Swedish pavilion at the London Design Festival 2017,

All pieces are hand-made by Thomas Alexanderson,
Photo: Fanny Hansson,





Home off – work on is a table playing in the border between a luxurious dinner table and an effective home-office. The greatness of this piece is its surprisingly light and stable construction, well hidden under the solid ash board. The top has two recessed cord channels that can easily transform the table from being a functional workspace to becoming an elegant dinner table with brass candlesticks. Under the top, following the shape and the angle of the faceted edge you can find two drawers made to hide your mobile workstation. 

The table is locally manufactured by Martin Israelsson in Malmö,
Co-designer: Lovisa Hansson,lovisahanssondesign



reno mid-res.jpg

A classic lighting product family designed to be accessible, production efficient, flat pack and easy to assembly. With pointed light sources Reno is suitable both for the home and the office environments. The materials are powder-coated steel and cast aluminum.



noto 3.jpg

Noto is a fundamental family made to be an everyday favorite and accessible for the masses without loosing the value of design, fun and smart twists. Noto is tableware, cutlery and glasses but through its design program also an open end with possibilities to develop the family further with new products. Mix or match shapes, colors, materials and texture within the same family. 



classics 2_s.jpg

Classic BRIO toys are part of the great Swedish design heritage known for its simplicity and quality. New Classics are a new contribution meeting today’s consumer requirements by hitting the border between toys and furniture.  

BRIO Rock On and Ride On invite children to enjoy their playful shapes and attract adults to use them as natural complements to the home interior.  Their abstract, non-gender-specific shapes can become animals or cars and bicycles during play. Their dimensions and optimal seat height is easy to manage even by the youngest users.




Non- figurative and non-gender-specific toys that encourage the idea of open-ended play, a collection that can be passed down from generation to generation. Wobbles are two identical bodies, but in reality they are two contrasts to each other. Spin grows with the child, from being a teething ring to showcasing the centrifugal force as a spin top.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award and a German Design Award nomenee.